1st Grade Scientists Can’t Find Germs….

Every year our amazing first graders start the year learning about germs and hand washing. They do a really fun science experiment to determine where germs are hiding in our school. They take bread and rub it on door knobs, light switches, pencils and every other surface they can find. Then, over the course of a week or two they observe the bread and see all the mold that grows from the germs they picked up (the first picture is from fall 2019 experiment). At the conclusion of the experiment there are lots of “oh thats gross!” comments and our first graders can have great conversations about clean hands and fighting germs. When this year started, our first grade teacher realized the importance of teaching this lesson so that our kids stay heathy and in school. They got the bread and wiped it on surfaces, including the classroom floor!!! Then the observations started… and no mold grew (see the picture from 2020)! Our cleaning crew and teachers have done such an excellent job of keeping surfaces, including the floor, clean that there were no germs to be found! Way to go! We love seeing our kids take part in hands-on experiments that impact their world. Thank you to all our families, faculty, staff and cleaning crew for working to keep our Wildcats healthy so far this year!

Fall 2019:

Fall 2020:

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