Grade 1
Ratio 1 : 15

Language Arts

* Saxon Phonics and whole language curriculum
* Writing: self expression in journals and stories using inventive spelling and correct spelling
* Reading and Spelling of sight and phonetic words
* Independent readers using a variety of genres and topics
* Reader’s theaters, plays, puppet shows and illustrations that express understanding of content


* enVision Curriculum
* Projects and practice through games
* Graphs and charts
* Estimation
* Geometric shapes
* Measurement
* Money and time
* Operations
* Solving word problems
* Beginning algebraic concepts

Social Studies

* Learn to record and classify observations about selves, society, cultures
* Comparing, ordering, tallying, and presenting ideas
* Geography
* Economics
* History
* Government
* Citizenship
* Culture


* Students observe and describe God’s natural world using their five senses, scientific investigation and reasoning
* Living and non-living
~life cycles of plants, animals and insects
~human body and nutrition
* Weather
* Types of matter
* Force, motion and energy
* Earth and space
* Organisms and environments
~Conservation and reusing / recycling
* Field trips offer opportunities for extended observation and hands on exploration.

Technology Lab

* Keyboarding software
* Intro to internet studies
* Educational software used to enrich entire curriculum


* Learn library skills
* Introduce students to authors, illustrators
* Critical listening encouraged


* Exposure and practice with listening and speaking common nouns, verbs and greetings
* Experience cultural traditions and holidays with music and games

Bible Study

* Attend Chapel
* Positive Action Bible Curriculum
* Understanding Biblical themes of Old and New Testaments
* Weekly Bible memory verse


* Introduction to the elements and principles of design
* Hands-on creativity
* Individual expression is encouraged through a variety of media
* Appreciation for art history and concepts


* Singing skills, notation, music symbols
* Chapel songs
* Music theory
* Composers
* Movement and dancing
* Musical performance
* Musical styles
* Musical instrument

Physical Education

* Promote physical activity, healthy development and lifestyles
* Develop body awareness
* Gain confidence during play
* Follow directions, teamwork