Grade 2
Ratio 1 : 15

Language Arts

* Cursive writing
* Structural analysis, grammar, context to decode words and expand vocabulary
* Writing: research, fiction, poetry
* Reading: poetry, fiction, historical fiction, biographies, autobiographies
* Weekly spelling words


* enVision Math Curriculum
* Recognizing problems, explaining to others, setting up solutions
* Number concepts, operations, computations
* Intro to Geometry and Statistics
* Intro to Multiplication and Division

Social Studies

* Current events
* Geography
* Economics, History, Government, Citizenship, Culture


*Living and non-living organisms
*Scientific Method/Experiments
*Earth, Moon, and Stars
*Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Rocks
*Life Cycle of Mealworms

Technology Lab

* Keyboarding software
* Intro to internet studies
* Educational software used to enrich entire curriculum


* Learn library skills
* Introduce students to authors, illustrators
* Critical listening encouraged
* Discuss concepts


* Speedy Spanish Curriculum
* Exposure and practice with reading, writing, listening, speaking Spanish
* Basic construction
* Gender and tense
* Understanding cultural traditions and holidays
* Reinforced with music and games

Bible Study

* Attend Chapel
* Positive Action Bible Curriculum
* Understanding Biblical themes of Old and New Testaments
* Weekly Bible memory verse


* Introduction to the elements and principles of design
* Hands-on creativity
* Individual expression is encouraged through a variety of media
* Appreciation for art history and concepts


* Singing skills, notation, music symbols
* Chapel songs
* Music theory
* Composers
* Movement and dancing
* Musical performance
* Musical styles
* Musical instrument

Physical Education

* Promote physical activity, healthy development and lifestyles
* Develop body awareness
* Gain confidence during play
* Follow directions, teamwork