Middle School Curriculum Guide

Woodway Christian School strives to create an atmosphere where learning naturally takes place. Emphasis is placed on high academic standards, self-discipline, and character building as the children grow in body, mind, and spirit. God’s truths are integrated into all areas. Instruction is teacher-directed and student-centered with a strong “hands-on” approach to learning. Individual use of computers and Smart Board Technology is also used to reinforce the curriculum.

The instructional materials used are strong in presentation and sequential review which allows the students to be presented with new information while reviewing and using what has previously been introduced. Our entire curriculum meets all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements.

Core Curriculum: Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting, Creative Writing), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Bible. A Bible lesson is presented daily and incorporated into all subject matter. All students attend a weekly Chapel service.

Enrichments: Physical Education, Fine Arts (Music, Art, Theater), Library, Computer Literacy, Intramurals, and Spanish.

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