Fall Choir and Drama Performance by Luke

The Music/Drama performance was on November the first. It was hosted by the choir teacher, Mrs. Barlow. The performance was performed by 4th graders to 8th graders. It consisted of 4 songs:  Sing Praise, Animals A-Comin’, Chantez Alleluia, and Mighty to Save. The performance also consisted of 4 skits: the first skit was How to Be Spiritually Fit, the second skit was  Karate Kid?, the third skit was The Love Gong Show, and the fourth skit was The Truth Of The Life Zone. The skits were silly and hilarious. The students gave a great singing and acting performance that night.  All the students and audience really seemed to enjoy the music and skits.  It was a great time for fun, family, and laughs for everyone who attended.

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