Flag Pole Appreciation by Hailey C.


WCS’s exterior has changed this summer. The most notable change is our new beautiful flag pole beside our front office. This thoughtful gift was given to our school by former student John Davis. After planning and talking with our church, John was granted permission and the work started soon after. John also decided to add an interesting feature to the flag poll, at night our flag glows, shining beautifully with the night sky. Throughout the summer, John was hard at work completing the project for our school, with the help of Troop 377, which includes alums Chaz Howard, Caleb Howard and Will Davis.


The project was finished just before school started, and it looks fabulous at our front doors. This beautiful new accessory adds various new opportunities to our students as well, such as See You At The Pole, where students gather around the flag and pray for our country. The greatest thing about having our new flag pole is the message. It shows that we, as a Christian school, support our wonderful country. Each time we walk past our front office we can always remember the 50 stars and 13 stripes of our country and the men and women who fought for it. A special thanks to the Davis’s and Howard’s for their wonderful donation to our school. It shows our love for America and a former student’s love for WCS.


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