Save Those Box Tops by Cora

Get ready wildcats because WCS is holding another box-top competition! The competition will be held December 1-9th and the money raised will be used towards the PAWS fun events and our school needs. This year we have earned $183.60 in total, and we are hoping to raise more than $390 to beat last year’s goal. This year, the winning den will get a hot cocoa and Christmas cookie party!

As a young student, I’ve always loved box-top competitions because they are very challenging and fun.  It is always suspenseful to see who will win. This is a good way to raise money for our school. I always thought of it as a scavenger hunt when I was younger. I’d used to go to the store with my mother and whenever I found a box of Cheerios with a box-top, I acted like I just found buried treasure. Our wonderful school has offered this competition for a while.  As a seventh grader, I am determined to make this one the best. It helps greatly for parents to have their box tops already cut to size, check for expired dates, and label them in Ziploc bags of 50 with your den name on them.  Please contact with any questions or if you would like to help count. I hope all our dens will be good participants and make sure to bring in TONS of box-tops. So get your scissors ready, and whenever you see a box-top, get to cutting!

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