Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue! by Hailey

On November 11, our school and the rest of America came together to appreciate and honor our Veterans. Brave men and women have fought and died to protect this country, and they are still fighting today. Our school wanted to honor them the best we could.  Middle school created a banner and quite a few posters to carry at the parade.  They represented our school at the Veteran’s Day Parade very well. Some students celebrated freedom week by learning about veterans and what it means to be free.  Other students studied the Declaration of Independence. Our students were even able to watch the parade from their classroom and they also sent in a text to thank our veterans. However, sometimes the true meaning of this day is overshadowed by candy and parades. So, if you know someone in the military or who has served in the military, take the time to say thank you. People are putting their lives on the line for not just their families but for everyone who comes after them, so they can have a better tomorrow.


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