Virtual Field Day

Our amazing coaches have created a way so our Wildcats don’t miss field day! Even though field day isn’t possible this year, we still want to have an athletic competition between the dens. Therefore, we are planning a 3-day fitness competition beginning this Wednesday, May 13 and ending Friday, May 15 at 3pm. All Kindergarten-8th grade students are encouraged to participate! Each of the below exercises is worth point values:

  1. Frog Jumps- 1 point (ensure student squats low and touches the ground)

  2. Pushups- 1 point

  3. Burpees- 2 points (chest to ground)

  4. Bike a mile- 25 points

  5. Run/walk a mile- 50 points

  6. 25 bonus points if you send in a video/picture of student working out for Katie Messerall to post on Facebook (let us know if you don’t want your child to be posted)


Please email with how many of each exercise your child completes per day by 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 2pm on Friday. I will email out den scores each morning and Katie will post scores on the school’s Facebook page. If a den is smaller than another, we will scale it so that it is fair. The more people who participate in a den, the better your chances are to win!! I will send out the winner on Friday at 3pm and those that participated from the winning den will receive a gift in their award bag. Thank you so much for your participation in this competition–hopefully it promotes activity and unity among dens even though we can’t be together right now!

God’s Blessings,

Coach Fitz ​and Coach Smith


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