5th Grade rules!

Last week the 5th grade wrote a new classroom rule following the same procedure that our country uses to write laws. Each 5th grade class chose a president for the day and then each table elected senators, representative, and judges. Our president then addressed the Congress about what he would like this new classroom rule to include. The House of Representatives and Senate drafted a bill and passed it back and forth before sending it to the president. Both of our presidents chose to sign the bill (instead of exercising their right to veto) making it an official classroom rule. Our judges then took the paper our president had signed and wrote their opinions on what the rule specifically meant. The students did a wonderful job on this assignment and were confronted with many of the same issues that lawmakers face. They were able to not only work together but realized the power and limitations of the different branches of the government. WOW! 5th grade it FUN!


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