8th grade is egg-cited about science!

Our fabulous 8th graders competed in an egg drop today! They have been working hard the last few weeks designing contraptions made from household items to keep eggs safe as they fall from different heights. They invited 5th-7th grade to make predictions about which eggs would survive the fall. Then, today they tests their creations and predictions! They started by dropping them from the walking track to the gym floor below and 3 eggs survived! Then, took it a step further, and went on the second floor roof! Even at that height, 2 eggs survived! Finally, they went to great heights on the roof of the 3rd floor and dropped those egg contraptions… and both eggs made it to the ground safely! One of the safe eggs was in a box and the other was in a rubber ball, but both were surrounded by popcorn which helped cushion their landing. Way to go 8th graders!

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