WCS Tuition and fees will be billed through Smart Tuition.  Tuition may be paid by the month, semester or year.

*The Registration Fee is due upon registration and is required to hold your spot in the classroom.  It is non-refundable for any reason.

The annual supply fee is due on August 5th or after enrollment is complete and is non-refundable.  All school supplies are provided with the annual supply fee.

The Woodway Christian School Committee, after study, has adopted the policy that no refunds or transfers of registration fees shall be made. While the Committee is sympathetic to parents and changes in circumstances, staff is contracted and other costs are incurred based on enrollment. It must, therefore, take the position that all registration fees are non-refundable.

There will be no refund of tuition due to absences. Tuition remains constant regardless of the number of classes in any given month. August tuition will NOT be prorated.

Each student’s place is independent. No tuition can be transferred from one student to another.