TABS Regional Conference 2020



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Sessions Include:

The 6 P’s of Genius Hour (Andi McNair) K-12

Every student deserves an opportunity to pursue his or her passion during the school day. In this learning experience, I will explain how Genius Hour can be used to encourage today’s learners to be innovative and think differently.  By sharing the 6 P’s – Passion, Pitch, Plan, Project, Product, and Presentation, I will explain how the Genius Hour process can be manageable for educators and meaningful for students. Educators will leave this experience with technology tools for each of the 6 P’s and practical ideas regarding outside experts and weaving the standards into each project.  This is the one training every educator that is considering implementing Genius Hour MUST have!

Judicious Practice based on Explicit Instruction by Anita Archer (Konnette Koen) K-12:

No matter what skill we’re trying to learn, practice is vital.  Unfortunately, students are not always as eager to practice academics as their teachers would like them to be.  In this session, we will dig into planning for effective, engaging judicious practice. Participants will leave this session with ready to implement strategies that will get their students practicing academics in the most beneficial ways.

K-5 Science (Lisa Cisneros) – Descriptor coming


Secondary Science (Judy York)– Descriptor Coming