Egg Drop Day!!

Today, our 8th graders participated in the Egg Drop Competition! They have been working for the last few weeks on designs they believed would keep their egg safe as it was dropped from different heights. They combined physics and engineering ideas to create 2 contraptions each. Our elementary and middle school science classes joined in the festivities and made predictions about which eggs would stay safe. The competition started in the gym where they dropped their eggs, in their special designs, from the track on the second floor onto the gym floor. All 4 8th graders had eggs that survived! They then headed to the 2nd floor roof and dropped the eggs off onto the cement. Again, all 4 8th graders had an egg survive! Finally, they headed to the roof of the 3rd floor! Not all the eggs survived this great fall, but we did have a few and had fun! We love seeing these kids get hands on in science and explore the world God created. Well done, 8th grade!

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