ParentsWeb will be available on Wednesday, August 21.  Please be aware that RenWeb works best on the following browsers:

PC = Internet Explorer (IE)
MAC = Firefox

If you login and find that RenWeb only validates, please make sure that you are using the correct browser.  If you are using IE 10 you will need to follow these instructions:

Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility with RenWeb

If you are using Microsoft’s latest internet browser, Internet Explorer 10, there are some changes you will need to make so it is compatible with RenWeb’s ParentsWeb. In order for RenWeb products to run properly in Internet Explorer 10, you will need to turn on compatibility mode for the site. To do this, open Internet Explorer 10 and navigate to When the site opens, click the compatibility icon shown below.

Internet Explorer will remember this change once it has been made.

If you need additional assistance with ParentsWeb please contact Melissa Davis at

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