Pink Out by Emma G

Pink! Pink! Pink! I am sure you all had a blast dressing up for our annual Pink Out! There were kids wearing bandanas, long neon socks, and bright jewelry. Some even colored their hair to show their support. I can confidently say that all of the students had a blast. Some are already planning their outfits for next year!

Do you know why we do this event? October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and most know that pink is the representative color of breast cancer. Our school has decided to show respect and support for those who have fallen victim, survived, and are still fighting. By wearing pink during the month of October, we are bringing attention to this cause. As a christian school, it is important we do such things to show the power of prayer and the Love of God. So next time you put on your pink shirt, think of those who need help and pray for them. God bless the families who have had to go through the heartache of breast cancer.

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