What are you up too Wildcats?!?

Hi Wildcats!

We miss you!! We know you are all working hard on the lessons and activities your teachers have prepared for you but we miss your faces! Over the next few weeks send your pictures to Katie_Messerall@wcswidcats.org and show us what you are doing. Then, check out social media and our blog to see yourself and to find out what your friends are up to! Here is our first entry… these wildcats started the day in their “Prayer Rooms” praying for those effected by the Coronavirus. The “Prayer Rooms” are part of 3rd Grade Bible… they are made by taping 2 file folders together. Then, the students decorate them with verses and pictures. “Inside” the prayer rooms they use post-its to write their prayers down and then track when they have been answered. Next, these wildcats headed outdoors… since they could not do milage club they put some time in on the treadmill…. Ok! your turn! Show us what you are doing, Wildcats!!

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